The Saige Files

  • Photographer

My youngest daughter Saige, has been my relentless 'assistant' throughout my career as a a professional photographer. She has always been there as my willing test subject when I was trying out new lighting set-ups for upcoming shoots. Even when she wasn't initially entirely enthusiastic, she would always agree - and in the end, there is almost always a magical image that came out as a result.
This is a compilation of images that I feel stand-out for one reason or another.
In no way, was Saige ever prompted to make certain poses or facial expressions - these are entirely her portrayal of what modelling is to her. She has grown up knowing that her Dad does this for a living , so it is just a normal career to her; nothing special, and certainly not something that is forced upon her from "Stage Parents".

I have been reluctant to show these before "The Saige Files", as some may argue that a child should not be posing like an Adult. That being said, there is something special about her (she definitely has an 'Old-Soul'), that clearly comes across in the images she produces - so I believe that they should be shared.

The amazing part is that she has an innate talent to connect with the lens, without even trying - in addition to her creativity of movement and a seemingly absolute freedom, she has an unwavering confidence in her self-identity.

It will be interesting to see how long Saige continues enjoying this path and whether she will choose to continue professionally as an Actor or Model later in life.