Based out of Toronto, Canada,  I have made a career as an Actor for for the past 11 years.

Starting out with Television Commercials (which I still enjoy doing), I am now building up my TV and Film Resume with recent roles on Spun Out, Beauty & the Beast, Warehouse 13 and Mr. Viral.

Check out my IMDB Link for more details on my list of Credits.

Having worked on several styles of shows, I must say that my dream role would be a series lead role on a sit-com…simply because the energy is great, and I would much rather be having fun and laughing with my fellow cast & crew on a daily basis, than spend the day in a dark, dramatic role.

That’s not to say that I wouldn’t love to play mysterious, complex, sinister characters as well.

It is interesting that the two types of roles I feel most connected-with, are the ones the Industry least sees me fitting into…from their perspective.

All in good time, I say!

Link to Current Headshots, Acting Resume & Demo Reels: Click Here

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I remember getting a cross-country call from my mother, after several successful years as a model - it went a little something like this:

"When are you going to get serious...and get an Acting Agent?"

I replied that "...parents generally try to encourage their children to get a 'real' job; not to chase after something with an even higher rate of uncertainty."

But, I guess she was right (again) after all...Makes me wonder if maybe I should have listened to her a little more growing up?

Well, Mom, I guess I was just waiting for the right one - and I found her:

Mia @ Riverlight Talent Management Inc.

Riverlight Talent Management Inc.
50 Carroll St., Studio 100
Toronto, ON
M4M 3G3

Phone: 1-416-575-9909

Check out my IMDB Profile: Jerald on IMDB